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New Cave

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At 1500 meters, in a crack in the Auyantepuy, was discovered a cave of quartzite that could be the largest of its kind. The expedition confirmed the majesty of the cave was made by a team of Venezuelan and Italian, which were 15 days-Angel Falls Canaima National Park.
The work to enter the site were conducted in early March, but it took over a year to be planned carefully, as it required special permits granted by the National Parks Institute (Inparques).

Accompanied Inparques, the renowned cavers Sale and Theraphosa Guyanese group, managed to travel 15 kilometers of quartzite cave, which is believed to be the largest so far in the world.
Besides these Venezuelan Guayana Theraphosa group participated. For the Italian group La Venta Geographical Exploration were Antonio de Vito, Carla Corongiu, Francesco Sauro, Vittorio Crobu, Alfredo Brunetti, Jo De Waele, Fulvio Iorio and honorary member of the pilot group Raúl Arias, who discovered the cave. He was also in July Figurehead air support.
The place difficult was baptized by the group as Imawarì Pemon language Yeuta Kamarakoto that means "cave inhabited by mountain gods," a site "unattainable mortals rich waters pure, crystals and colossal statues carved Over millions of years, "adds the group La Venta. for more information see: Angel Falls



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Orinoco Venezuela Orinoco This fascinating route navigating the Orinoco, Sipapo and Autana to reach communities of Boca de Autana Piaroa, Blind, and the Danto Rapids, perfect places to camp in hammocks under the Indian churuatas. Since these communities walk up the hill to see the Autana Guahari of cerquita and the slide of pipe and 'Stone by stone to throw. You navigate to the waterfall or Caño Black sails and walk to Lake Leopold. In all these trips is vital to bring minimal baggage: clothes fabrics that dry quickie, waterproof pants and shorts, long sleeve shirts, shirts, trajebaño, flashlight, shoes that can get wet, towel and squeeze to dry up quickly, lightweight hammock, sleeping bag, waterproof bag and warm clothes for the night, which can be cotton, with some shoes that will remain dry. We recommend a waterproof pouch for handheld personal items, camera or binoculars. For more information visit Orinoco ...


The Lanos

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the plains Los Llanos Venezuela is a destination still virgin. The foothills of Barinas is just right where the Andes mountains and the plains begin. It is a green, with an exceptional climate and many rivers. At the foot of these mountains were opened two routes for canyoning. Although the water is cold, it is not enough to have to use neoprene. In the area you can go rafting, biking and hiking. The weather is perfect, radiant sun with cool temperature level of the mountain. Small hills, grazing cows and many areas of cloud forest with large rivers. The wildlife is fascinating, eagles, kingfishers, parrots and ducks, otters, monkeys and all kinds of domestic animal of the field are to be seen everywhere. It is a natural paradise. For more information visit www.losllanos.travel



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Angel Falls The state's largest with 240,528 Km2 of wonder and two major cities: the capital Ciudad Bolivar and Puerto Ordaz industrial and planned, with an hour away from both. In the first fascinating in the historical high and generous vision of the Orinoco. The second is protected by the Orinoco and Caroni are tastier and parks to walk by the waterfalls. The rest of the routes in Bolivar is at your virgin, lush and generous nature. In the 3 million hectares of Canaima National Park, it is fascinating to sleep in a pruned every day in a leap in the Gran Sabana, bordered by the tepuis, the oldest formations in the world. Since it appears Auyantepui Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, in whose waters bathe is a sweetie and is reached from Canaima. For more information visit www.angelfalls.travel



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merida The increased supply of this beautiful region is directed to the market of rest and contemplation, soft adventure, trekking, trout fishing, extreme sports, bird watching, conventions and congresses.

The State is eminently tourist Merida, with great natural attractions and hotel infrastructure of quality, with the majestic Sierra Nevada and the highest and longest cable car in the world. Region of silence and majesty of its towering mountains, the highest in the Venezuelan Andes, hence the name "Roof of Venezuela," Mountains are the only country with perpetual snow. There are crystal clear rivers, 400 lakes of great beauty, in which trout abound in different varieties, lush forests filled with trees, green fields and flowery valleys. Its Andean peoples are eloquent testimony to its colonial past ... For more information visit www.merida.travel

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